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Of all the pests that our technicians deal with on a daily basis, termites are perhaps the most feared. Despite the health issues associated with other sorts of infestation they are often more of a nuisance than a threat to families, with removal only becoming urgent in dire situations. But the property damage wrought by termite nests can have a huge negative impact on homeowners, and that’s why Eliminate Pest Control take no chances with our procedures for termite treatment.

Protect your biggest investment with specialist termite control

If left unchecked a termite infestation can tear apart a house with terrifying speed, causing significant, irreversible damage. Although collapses only occur in extreme situations, even a minor case of termites can hugely affect the value of your property. Compounding this threat is the fact that many nests grow for months or years before homeowners even commit to a termite inspection. Don’t make that same mistake; call a professional from our veteran team, and they will show you how easily and painlessly our termite control procedure can protect your home.

Using cutting edge technology to provide foolproof, non-invasive termite inspections

One of the reasons we often hear from home owners to explain their delay in calling pest control is the fear that the process of checking for or removing termites will somehow cause more damage than the bugs themselves. While we can’t speak for what methods might be used by less qualified or experienced firms, Eliminate Pest Control is committed to using the best in specialist technology to provide customer-friendly inspections across the Central Coast and NSW. Our technicians utilize the TERMATRAC© T3i, a purpose-built termite radar, to identify termite nests through all common building materials. We will be able to determine the nature and severity of any infestation before charging you for termite treatment and without damaging your house – saving you time and money.

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If you suspect a termite infestation is growing within your home, there’s no reason to wait. Call us today on 1300 ELIMINATE and book a worry-free inspection, or use the form on our website to request a free quote for any of your pest problems. Our team of friendly experts will be speaking to you soon.


HomeGuard is your complete termite management system. Scientifically proven, it creates a physical and chemical barrier that will repel and kill subterranean termites.

Designed and manufactured specifically for the construction industry, HomeGuard is installed on the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of subterranean termites into the building. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia from polymer based products and incorporates FMC’s leading liquid pest control chemical; Bifenthrin.

Some termite FAQ’s:

What makes Termites such a problem?

Termites simply eat and destroy your home, workplace or unprotected wooden structure. Imagine your home being declared unsafe to live in and not being insured for it…

Sadly this happens to people – don’t let it be YOU! Fill out our enquiry form now to get a quote for your termite treatment.

What to do if you think you have Termites

DO NOT disturb them!
DO NOT spray them with anything
DO NOT remove or touch anything around them

Termites can feel the vibrations of your movements around their nesting areas, and whilst you might think that you are doing us a favour by having everything cleared to inspect, it will actually send them deeper into the nest. So please just call James if you think you have termites and we will do a thorough inspection for you.

Signs that you might have Termites

Termite trails or runners – these often look like ant trails, which shield the termites from predators and the light. Termites use these for getting from one source of food to another, generally across metal or concrete.

Mounds in trees – termites may nest themselves in trees and can leave a visible area of their occupancy. If you see signs of these in trees around your home, please contact us immediately and book an inspection.

Packing or caking of mud against walls – similar to the trails, mass termite infestations can establish visible surface areas on foundation walls or around bearers and joists. Once again, it is very important not to poke or spray these unless you are a qualified termite specialist (which we are) as you may send them deeper into your property.

Destruction of timber / wood excavation – timber that has been eaten out by termites will sound hollow and, upon inspection, reveal the empty trails that their paths have taken them on. Termite Damage to wood
Termite Damage to wood

The presence of Alates – Alates are potential termite ‘Queens’ in flight. In the right weather conditions you may notice an increase in these around your home or yard, and this means that the termite colony isn’t too far away. If you see Alates (which are sometimes mistaken for flying ants) and are concerned, please get in touch with us and we will inspect your property for termites.

Noise – it sounds silly we’re sure, but you can actually hear termites eating your home in the right conditions. Mainly heard in subfloor areas, this ‘tapping’ noise is a big signal that termites are taking over – and the only way to take action is to give us a call.

Power failures – termites are known to chew through electrical cable. The cellulose composition of the cable is similar to the composition they look for in wood. So if you start to have power issues that can’t be explained… Well you know what to do! (Call us – 4355 4450)

Can I prevent Termites before I get them?


You can prevent termites from destroying your property by:


  • Ensure you never erect timber structures that are directly in contact with the ground (unless you have had them certified and protect by a qualified pest controller – which we are!)
  • Use treated timber for your DIY building projects. Just remember though, if you cut a section of treated timber you must treat the ends that you have cut to prevent termites from taking over.
  • Remove scrap and debris wood from around the areas you wish to protect
  • Book an annual termite inspection with Eliminate Pest Control – this way we can guarantee your property will be protected.
  • Keep scrolling for more information on the HOMEGUARD product that can help you to prevent termites from destroying your hard-earned assets!

HOMEGUARD is an innovation into termite prevention and management for developers and home owners/builders. From domestic to industrial applications, HOMEGUARD is our choice to use to protect your valueable assets.

Furthermore, HOMEGUARD is an Australian manufactured product, so you can be sure that it's built to withstand the harsh Australian climate!

Give James a call for more information on this amazing product - and save yourself money in the long run.

FMC products that Eliminate Pest Control have available:

ELIMINATE PEST CONTROL offer you as an accredited agent for FMC Australia a 1 MILLION DOLLAR WARRANTY on their product.



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